Mouse Repair Logitech M280 – Double Click Issue

This post is about my ailing mouse Logitech M280.

Luckily there is a useful website that provides a step by step intructions on how to fix my mouse.

Some personal notes.  Be very careful in taking out the housing in step 6.  I used a sharper object, safety pin to pry the latches.  This is easier but I made the casing jump unexpectedly.

The hardest part is Step 8, reinstalling the tension spring.  What I did first is to place the right part first then the middle and last is the lock.  I have to force the lock — this I’m lucky I got it right the first few tries.  I’m not sure if I can do it again later. Especially now that I have trouble seeing small objects.

Logitech Mouse M280

Inside part of the mouse.

As for opening of the mouse case, I have to rely on for the actual removal of the case.  The video tutorial is not in English but the visual is very to understand.  There is only one screw to remove and it is hidden on a sticker where the battery is located.  I had torn my sticker when I removed it so I’m not going to replace the sticker.

Mouse Logitech M280 – Instant Review

I’ve been a Logitech user for sometime now.  Mainly because the packaging is super nice – looks professional and clean.  The price is decent.  They have products that represents the average and average kinds.  For that they seem reliable.

This mouse, I have some doubt of its reliability since I already repaired it when I just used it for around 1 year.  If this is the rate for the price I paid, (almost PHP1,000.00).  It’s not worth it.  I have to find another one later.  Cheaper or more expensive ones, I still cannot decide for now.

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