As A Haribon Badminton Club Member

Becoming A Haribon Badminton Club Member

Please let me have the pleasure of sharing my experiences of being a member of a badminton club local dabawenyo know as Haribon Badminton Club.

I’ve been a happy member for around 3 years now.  I’m happy because I get to play my hobby regularly with familiar faces as well as fellow badminton players.  Some are intense players than others.  Most just goes with the flow – me included.  But all agree to play badminton.It was just a coincidence that I met Mark at Wheels N’ More (the Haribon’s hang out courts) Badminton courts.  I visited the place out of nostalgia.  I haven’t played this game for a long time because I thought playing badminton is out of question when my wife gave birth to our first born.  Mark, then was super fit and very well into the game.  He invited me to come and play with his group.  Mark told me I have friends who are playing with his group, too.  To make the story short, this was the beginning of my Haribon badminton club member days.

Club Impression

My first impression about the club — wow — a club, I thought.  This must be something sophisticated.  I’ve never been a member of any club before or after college days — well, come to think of it, even in college days my spiritual advisor was urging me to join some kind of a club.  The club has a rule about invited guests or inviting guests.  Wow, may ganon?  Social. (wink)  I was honored I was invited to play with the club.

My first times playing with the club – it was with Noel Sanchez a fellow guest.  Drex was very accomodating and even partnered with me on a game of doubles.  Joey and Ariel were our opponents then.  Of course, there is the usual betting of a drink or something.  They play hard and they have a good teamwork. Wow, the haribon members were accommodating but plays hard/serious badminton.  I forgot who won that game but what I remembered was it was a great game.  I was nervous because I might not play upto par with them.

John Rey is an officer as Mark have told me and I should be introduced to him and to the other officers — lalo na sa mga high ranking ones.  Wow, I thought, do I really need to meet the officers just to play in the club.  I was doubly nervous about this.  I’m bad with faces so when I was introduced to President Friday then I could not distiguish him with Bambi.  All I remember was that when I talk to him – I have to address him sir.

After this, as the saying goes, the rest is history.  Maybe I will write some more if I liked to.  What remains upto this day is that I am a member of Haribon Badminton Club.  The club members are hard core badminton players.

Please forgive me if I have to name names — the names are just fictitional.  Anyone who resembles the names but doesn’t like to be recognize, di ikaw yun. 🙂 kidding.

To fellow members, thank you for the fellowship.  It was great knowing all of you.  We may not understand each other on other things but we do understand our love of the game badminton.  Play hard!

Photo: courtesy of Cris Micosa – used without permission.


Written by Canlas Benjamin

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