Getting To Know My First Uke

It was exactly one (1) month from now since I’ve own my very own real ukulele musical instrument.

It is real for me because it’s not cheap when I bought the uke.  It is real because it was bought from an Uke Specialty shop.  It is real because the people at the shop played it beautifully.  Not to mention these people are pretty accomodating.  It is real because it was made by a company that specialize in creating Ukes.

KALA-Ukulele-PWT- headHere’s what a part of my very own Uke looks like.  For me, this is something serious and can be identified as a real pro’s musical instrument.

I’m telling this from a newbie’s point of view.  I’ll get to share more about the uke and how to play it as I learn along the way.  I find this a nice and exciting adventure.

Backed by the reasons I’ve stated above, I decided to satisfy my curiousity in learning to play the uke and blindly purchase this Uke, Kala Brand Pacific Walnut Tenor.  The last two factors that lead me to get one is the exotic look and finally the sound.  It sounded whole and true to my un-trained ears.

UNIT-KA-PWTThe image above describes the compostion of my uke.   The Pacific Walnut body is a laminate.  Inside is plywood.  Non-the-less, I still hear a good sound coming out of my Uke – even with me playing it.

I chose tenor size.  I think it is easier on the frets than the smaller soprano and concert.    One month after I still like the size of it play-wise. Also, it’s this tenor size that  Jake Shimabukuro and Sungha Jung are playing over the Internet.These guys for me are the famous and easily identified with bringing the Uke to the 21st century.

One month after, I would still like to get my hands on solid bodied Uke.  I found one over that net which is around my over-budget already but not at expensive as what the US Uke company is offering.  What’s more, it made in Pampanga, Philippines.  I’m waiting a couple of weeks for it to be available and hope to get my hands on one.

Written by Canlas Benjamin

Technology specialist that wants to reconcile simple living with technology. Aims to bring back the simple lifestyles of yesteryear to the information age.

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