Wearing Proper Badminton Shoes Is Important

Today, is the day I acquired a pair of new badminton shoes.  I held off as long as possible because of financial consideration.  But there is a physical limit to what a sports gear can take your game.  Especially if it means your health.My current badminton shoes has signs of tear at the little toe area of both left and right foot.  I didn’t mind these as there are still strong support on both sides.  Unfortunately, the support I was depending on is not really a support anymore when the tear appeared.  My little toes are always hurting after playing badminton.  Add to this are the very worn out in soles.  I now know that worn down insoles deteriorate the comfort of the shoes.  Landing on my right heel is a pain especially landing after a jump.

New Badminton Shoes Is Better Than Worn Out Shoes

Now that I used the new shoes, a little bigger than my preferred size (9.5 US).  The comfort is very evident.  Good badminton shoes nowadays are costly.  Aside from the advertisements and the good looks that comes with it, the technology is there.  You really can feel a big difference when playing badminton using badminton shoes than playing badminton using shoes other than badminton shoes.  That is why saving up and using proper badminton shoes is important.

Proper badminton shoes not only provide comfort during play but safety of the body, too.  Although, this is only a hobby, it is still important that proper badminton shoes are used.  This hobby of badminton demands a lot from your body.  Choose badminton shoes wisely.

Written by Canlas Benjamin

Technology specialist that wants to reconcile simple living with technology. Aims to bring back the simple lifestyles of yesteryear to the information age.

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